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January 19 / Menswear
January 19 / Menswear
September 10 / Fashionable Events

Toronto weather can be a little, shall we say, unpredictable. I wasn’t, however, expecting sweaters in early September. Some stars were…

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September 9 / Fashionable Events

There are many people booting around town in Toronto this week. The Toronto International Film Festival kicked off on September 6th…

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June 21 / Collections
May 17 / Fashion and Film
May 16 / Fashion and Film
May 7 / Déjà Vu
April 24 / City Style
April 22 / City Style

Do you know why I love this man? …Because when everyone else zigs,  he Zoots. When others go retro by paying…

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April 1 / Collections

The weather can’t seem to decide what season it is. That twice a year closet changeover is turning into an every-two-months…

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February 21 / City Style

So much slouchiness. So much bad tailoring. And then, there are the shrunken pants for men, with bare ankles and Brogues…

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January 24 / Menswear