Month: September 2012

September 22 / Collections
September 20 / Collections

I can see myself in these shiny objects. Jonathan Saunders and Antonio Berardi were both reflecting at London Fashion Week SS13.…

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September 16 / Fashionable Events
September 16 / Fashionable Events
September 13 / Fashionable Events
September 13 / Fashionable Events
September 10 / Fashionable Events

These darlings fall into the sky-high category for Film Fest footwear. Oh, how I covet your Louboutins, Ms. Moore. Full ensemble…

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September 9 / Fashionable Events

There are many people booting around town in Toronto this week. The Toronto International Film Festival kicked off on September 6th…

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September 7 / Fashionable Events

A certain actor with a certain smirk and a certain style just landed in Toronto. Can’t wait to see what he’ll…

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September 6 / Fashionable Events

Hear that sound? …That rustle of global shopping bags? …That silent cha-ching of credit card chip readers? …The collective stilettoed footsteps…

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September 5 / Inspiration