Month: August 2011

August 31 / Ad Campaigns

There is chic. There is cheeky. Then there is tongue-in-cheeky-chic. Case and point – Lanvin’s silly dance video for the brand’s…

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August 30 / Fashionable News
August 29 / Fashion and Film

Ms. Coppola became Mrs. Mars this weekend. The born and bred Italian-American, was married in Bernalda, Italy – the birthplace of her…

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What to do when a brand has lost its cult status? To the Bat Cave! Goth guy, Gareth guarantees his generation…

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August 17 / Déjà Vu
August 15 / Fashion Photography

There are special times in a girl’s life… …when she gets her first pair of stilettos… …when she finds her lipstick…

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August 11 / Fashion Accessories
August 3 / Fall Winter 2011
August 2 / Ad Campaigns

The Fall campaigns are hitting my consciousness, despite the sultry August heat. It’s at this time of year – when the…

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August 2 / Fashion and Books

Hold the presses. Kindly set down the Kindle. Transfer your eyes from your tablet. These fab fashion mavens all have books…

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August 1 / Collections