Month: April 2011

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April 25 / Déjà Vu
April 24 / Fashion Photography

Well, technically she hasn’t left. One sees Ms. Christensen from time to time – in the underground, avant-garde, below the radar…

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April 23 / Fashion Photography
April 22 / Collections
April 21 / Magazine Rack

The yearning I have for this jacket can only be sated by owning it, by wearing it, by living in it……

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April 20 / Collections
April 19 / Bags

Carry a lot of stuff everywhere you go? Need something functional, yet stylish? I’ve been carrying around these images of a…

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April 18 / Fashion and Books

Another fashion book on my list this month is the much-anticipated one written by Andrew Bolton called Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, which…

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April 17 / Collections

It’s an April Sunday in Toronto. To the uninitiated, that means we can have four seasons happen in one day. Today, we’ve…

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April 16 / Déjà Vu